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Z80 Computer Part II – Now We’re Talking! (kinda’)

Firstly, it now has a name (…and logo): From my first name and Calculator, the CPU and year. Anyway… News! Project Status The Serial Port has been implemented, but I’m still struggling with the software for the Serial port. It doesn’t help that I’ve not had time to work seriously on it, either. Images of Continue Reading

Yet another Z80 Computer Project…

So I’m doing a Z80 based computer, as any Nerd should 🙂 The specs: CPU Z80A @ 4MHz ROM 8 KB RAM 8 KB (Expandable to 64 KB) I/O:   Serial SIO/2 with CTC controlled BAUD rate on individual channels. O/S TBA (ROM Monitor, Basic and/or CP/M) Current status: CPU, RAM, ROM and CTC implemented Continue Reading