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Z80 Computer Part II – Now We’re Talking! (kinda’)

Firstly, it now has a name (…and logo): From my first name and Calculator, the CPU and year. Anyway… News! Project Status The Serial Port has been implemented, but I’m still struggling with the software for the Serial port. It doesn’t help that I’ve not had time to work seriously on it, either. Images of Continue Reading

Yet another Z80 Computer Project…

So I’m doing a Z80 based computer, as any Nerd should 🙂 The specs: CPU Z80A @ 4MHz ROM 8 KB RAM 8 KB (Expandable to 64 KB) I/O:   Serial SIO/2 with CTC controlled BAUD rate on individual channels. O/S TBA (ROM Monitor, Basic and/or CP/M) Current status: CPU, RAM, ROM and CTC implemented Continue Reading

Temperature on Arduino

Updated 20130522, test concluded – Ragequit 🙂 I was testing Xively.com (previously cosm.com) with an Arduino…. Hardware: Arduino Ethernet with 5 Dallas 18B20 OneWire temperature sensors. Communication with the OneWire sensors was bashed together from the OneWire library sample program and the Cosm Client sample. I achieved one update every five minutes, with five sensors. Unfortunately, after their Continue Reading

Arduino Robot

I built this small “Robot” a while ago. It is built on the Tamiya base plate, tank treads kit and dual gearbox. Uses four AA batteries and has an Arduino for brains. The motor controller is a L298 dual H bridge. The schematics are extremely simple. The L298 is connected directly between the motors and Continue Reading