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Temperature on Arduino

Updated 20130522, test concluded – Ragequit ūüôā

I was testing¬†Xively.com¬†(previously¬†cosm.com) with an Arduino….

Hardware: Arduino Ethernet with 5 Dallas 18B20 OneWire temperature sensors.

Communication with the OneWire sensors was bashed together from the OneWire library sample program and the Cosm Client sample.

I achieved one update every five minutes, with five sensors.

Unfortunately, after their name change to Xively, they seem to have removed the option to select different time scales. The graphs now only show the last twelve hours or so. On top of that, their API changed, so it isn’t really possible to have a variable number of streams, only a pre-defined number. The new API does seem to be easier to work with though.

It was good while it lasted.

If I need this again, I think I’ll do it myself.

Check out the graphs from Cosm Xively (Not updating anymore):

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