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Come along, Pond

Right, now, for my next trick, I’ll go through all the old crap from prevous websites, and actually try to get some CONTENT here!

I’ve had web pages from back in the late 90’ies, and they’ve never gotten past the “I is onna Intarwebz” stage…

Content to look forward to:

Warhammer! Ive painted a fair share of WHFB and WH40K minis – they’ll come on display (Again)

Model Trains! Yes, and in Z-scale to boot. Happy 40 years, here’s to many more, mini-club.

Apps ‘n Programs! I’ve got a RasPi, and I’m not afraid to use it! Also Java and C#…

Electronics! Watch the blue smoke 🙂

Stuff! My hobby is collecting Hobbies, so there’ll be weird stuff coming…

…I’m not promising anything!


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